• Checks licenses
  • Verifying users’ credentials and that Office 365 servers are reachable
  • Checks for updates to Outlook clients
  • Checks authentication
  • Network checks
  • Protocol checks

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Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365

Support and Recovery Assistant is a new tool users can run to fix common Office 365 problems. The app can troubleshoot and fix several common Outlook problems, help install Office client, and run various check to make sure account settings are correct. After it runs a series of diagnostic tests, Support and Recovery Assistant can either fix any problems it finds or tell the user how to fix the problems. The test results are saved in a log file, which users can share with their Office 365 admin or a support engineer. Each time you run Support and Recovery Assistant, it automatically updates itself to the latest version. To get this tool, go to the Support and Recovery Assistant download page.

You can also watch a short introduction video.